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Kaywana Gill

Theta Sigma Sigma
Inducted March 23, 2024

Soror Gill is an RN Care Coordinator for United Healthcare, and a part-time CNA instructor. She received her
Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Capella University, and is pursuing her MS in Nursing from Mount Saint Mary College so that she may become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

When she's not working, Soror Gill enjoys dancing, singing, listening to music, reading, watching
movies, going to the beach and enjoying family time. She is a member of New Day Tabernacle, where she leads the Kitchen Ministry with her husband, preparing and serving meals to her church community every week.

Kaywana Gill

I was introduced to the organization in college and admired the unity, sisterhood and service provided. Although I did not pursue entry all those years ago, the opportunity presented itself again which was a
desire hidden and unfulfilled. It is my great desire to move the next generation forward, to educate and reach the individuals that have a drive to better themselves.

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