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Erica Naughton


Theta Sigma Sigma
Inducted October 24, 2021

Soror Naughton is a school administrator in the Mount Vernon City school district. She is a youth and Girls Varsity basketball coach. In her leadership role, she seeks to build teacher effectiveness, increase student agency, and close the opportunity gap for black and brown children. She works to provide families and scholars with choices that will enhance their opportunities to create legacies of generational wealth.

Soror Naughton is a devout Christian who thrives to live the life that Jesus lived. She is a mother of three, and teacher of all children in the community., and her mission is to provide service that lasts beyond her lifetime.

Erica Naughton
“Sigma Gamma Rho’s mission to enhance the quality of life for women and their families aligns perfectly with my mission for life.”

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