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TSS Charter Members

Theta Sigma Sigma Charter Members

Left to Right: Soror Rita Celerise, Soror Fatima DeCarvalho, Soror Rendesia Scott, Soror Tanisha Williams, Soror Pamela Bonsu

The Theta Sigma Sigma chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho, Sorority, Incorporated was chartered on November 12, 1998. The chapter began as the brain-child of a recent graduate of SUNY New Paltz and member of the organization Tanisha Williams-Johnson. At the time, the Mid-Hudson Valley did not have an alumnae chapter in the area and the closest alumnae chapter was over 60 miles away in New York City.


Living in the Newburgh area, it was Tanisha’s desire to continue the work of enriching the local community that she had begun as an undergraduate. Tanisha enlisted three other members with New Paltz affiliations: Rendesia Mills-Scott, Rita Little-Celariste, and Fatima DeCarvalho, along with new inductee Pamela Bridges-Bonsu. These five illustrious ladies, determined to serve the Mid-Hudson Valley area became the charter members of the Theta Sigma Sigma Chapter.

Since its chartering, the tenaciously talented Theta Sigma Sigma Chapter of the majestic Mid-Hudson valley of upstate New York, has strived to make a great name for herself within the Mid-Hudson Valley, and the sorority’s Northeast Region.


Theta Sigma Sigma continues to hold true to the sorority slogan of “Greater Service, Greater Progress”, with her efforts for the past several years as annual participants in the Orange County, Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl-for-Kids’ Sake bowl-a-thon where thousands of dollars have been raised to help children in need.

Theta Sigma Sigma has continued to flourish and serve, over her twenty-five year tenure in the area. In 2001, Theta Sigma Sigma was the first to sponsor and charter a campus recognized historically black Greek-letter “Divine Nine” organization in Dutchess County, the Pi Gamma Chapter of Marist College. Now standing at over 30 active members, the Theta Sigma Sigma chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho, Sorority, Incorporated, will continue to uplift communities in the Mid-Hudson Valley, through “Greater Service, Greater Progress”.

Pi Gamma Charter Day_edited.jpg

Pi Gamma - Marist College

Charter Day, Spring 2000

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