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Philo Spotlight:

Arvinese Reid


Philo Arvinese I. Reid has recently co-authored an anthology project. His Destiny, Her Purpose is a devotional for women by women. When asked what she writes about, Philo Reid shared “I write about the Habit of Peace, The Habit of Praying for Your Children, and The Habit of Stability.”

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Philo Reid is life-long New Yorker. She attended Nyack public schools and holds an Associate’s in Human Services and is also a certified Paralegal. She is currently a Residential Manager of a non-profit organization that serves people with developmental disabilities. Continuing her service to others, Philo Reid is also a Pastor and Youth Pastor with Glory House Ministries. 


After the passing of her only daughter, Philo Reid started a movement, Single Moms Making Moves, in her honor. It provides a scholarship to a single mother to help further her education.  She is raising her five-year-old grandchildren, Terrence and Tori, and enjoys reading and cooking.


His Destiny, Her Purpose is scheduled to be released April 1, 2022

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